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Star Alliance is the world's largest global airline alliance. Founded on 14 May 1997, its current CEO is Jeffrey Goh and its headquarters is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As of April 2018, Star Alliance is the largest of the three global alliances by passenger count with 762.27 million, ahead of both SkyTeam (630 million) and Oneworld (528 million). Its slogan is "The Way the Earth Connec


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Truck Driver Class A owner operator (Former Employee) says

"Never answers the phone"

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"Security is boring and i was alwayfs falling asleep seince there wasnt much to do there. I did not like the hours i worked and it was a graveyard shift."

Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"las mismas que Spanair, atención al cliente tanto a su llegada al aeropuerto como a su paso al avión"

Lead Project Manager - Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"was a great start up with vision and growth potential which was developed in to a marketing tool for the companies which joined as members. great experience."

Debt Collection Officer (Former Employee) says

"Tracking the daily transaction is needy, and it's very important to prepare the weekly reports for our clients. ِAnd our mission is to get the job done."

Vladush says

"The flight and plane was quite ok. But if you travel through Istanbul, be prepared there are no notifications of departures. Unfortunately I was late and I bought new tickets. I spent 24 hours in Istanbul. When I arrived at home I was waiting for my baggage for two weeks. When it arrived there were missing my laptop, gaming mouse and carpet. They explained it like baggage was not properly packaged. I have plastic samsonite and all my life I flew like this. How to pack the gaming mouse and carpet? So they refused to refund. I'm shure it was stolen. It's not first time when people missing they property in Istanbul. Good job Turkish Airlines. It's a shame."

Maria says

"It is impossible to send a complaint to star alliance. Also, I tried to enter the lounge in the Vienna Airport and I was not allowed. The excuse was that I am a star alliance gold member with aegean and not with Austrian. I do not understand this discrimination. It is very disturbing from their side. Also the lack of information about this fact is unacceptable and non-professional. It really shows a lack of respect for your customers."

Shagi Giant says

"1. There is no way to send a feedback to star alliance , how do they listen to their customers suggestions. 2.They should have a rule to all their member and get them to transfer miles between all star alliance group of airlines. What does it mean when you fly and accumulate miles and cant send them to your son or wife."

kevin dulmaine says

"like pretty much everyone star alliance really disappointing about them. They charge my 230$ for an extra bag of 8 kg when after all i saw ppl with 45 Lt backpack in the plane. Didn't have choice to pay cause was from a transfer from an other airline company. If i knew it before i could drop the bag in the garbage bin cause the value wasn't worth it."

Andrew Davis says

"I was an avid Cathay and one world member but recently took Eva Air for two return trip tickets between Taiwan and USA. I flew premium economy with a colleague and while the route was good, the inflight experience and service was abysmal. On the first flight we were barked at to stow a laptop, not asked but literally talked to like children. The flight had no water service and food was terrible. On the second flight there was a medical emergency between Seattle and taiwan resulting in an unscheduled change to Alaska. While this was fine the announcements were almost non existent and the way the staff treated a medic onboard who offered his services to help was frightful. He jumped to help and after they said he could move to premium and sat next to us but then after the stop in Alaska was told by Emily on BR25 in PE to return to his seat in economy. We commented that he was no problem and we welcomed his assistance and she insisted he move. Later he was allowed to return but told he couldn’t eat any of the premium food or snacks. My colleague and I were not eating and said he was welcome to have our food because their excuse was insufficient food but they still treated him badly and gave him economy food. Further into the flight my colleagues seat wouldn’t work properly and he was accused of breaking it. It wasn’t working when we sat at first and kept reclining. Staff told us they check every seat and basically insinuated he was lying. The staff were far from friendly and even repeatedly pushed our in-seat televisions up stating that it was unsafe to have them angled. If this is how star alliance treats guests in premium I’d be horrified to see how bad it is in economy."

Gabriel Pensador says

"AVOID AVOID AVOID Use FlyingBlue Group instead (Air France & KLM)."

MS says

"I had a connecting flight with Adria and Austrian today. Adria flight to Viennawas OK, except for ancient airplane they use. The boarding to Austrain flight however was totally unorganised. After boarding in the airport of Vienna we were waiting for the boarding bus in the bridge, which was not air-conditioned for the boarding bus to arrive and we had a long delay. Not to mention that I originally booked a direct flight but then it was changed to a connecting one."

BobbyIW_older no wiser says

"I’m sick to my stomach. Star Alliance PACIFIC trip 21000 miles 6 airline tickets $5500 economy and nearly impossible to upgrade and when I could upgrade big $$. Kayak pricing everything 1 way Econ. Same dates. < $2700!! I’m going to throw up now. Trip was SFO-Honolulu, Auckland,Sydney, Tokyo Beijing SFO from Shanghai 4/8/19-5/27/19. “Experience keeps a dear school but a fool will learn in no other”—Benjamin Franklin."

Shannon Hayes says

"Star Alliance partners are not obliged to advertise the booking-class when you're booking a ticket, which has resulted in me being denied any air miles for 6 flights this year (4 of them long-haul international flights). So why bother prioritizing an alliance if you're not guaranteed any points? From now on, I'll just go with budget airlines."

Richard says

"Recently involved with this shambles of a company while checking in for Thai airways. Over 1 hour just to do a bag drop! check in machines not working correctly and only 1 rude Indian customer service lady to deal with problems from 5 airlines. I will not be using Thai airways again while they are using this ground service run by clowns"

cemac says

"Booked MAN/YYZ returns with Lufthansa who shunted us onto Air Canada Rouge for easily our worst trasatlantic trips ever in 40+years of flying. Lufthansa had not even the common decency of informing us until my efforts at on-line check-in failed. When asked for assistance they refused and suggested I get in touch with Air Canada. Their awful customer service was only exceeded in mediocrity by our experience of Air Canada Rouge; DO NOT FLY WITH THIS CARRIER!!! Well, not unless you liked long hours in hard, cramped seating where you need to wear any extra clothing from your carry on to stave off the cold. I have been awaiting some sort of reply from Lufthansa for the last 3 weeks, but I am sure that they value my custom... just not very much!"

Kristina Minhlan Nguyen says

"Terrible customer service. Our flight got canceled for our wedding. They offered us a completely inconvenient option to get us to Dallas in time. We asked for them to honor us the same economy plus ticket we bought and they were unable to help us. We tried to obtain any sort of compensation for the inconvenience and finally the first rep was able to come around with a bearable offer. While she was checking her system, the phone call drops. Round 2, we called a second time to reach another manager. The worst part is not that we had to explain the entire situation again, we got offered worse options to fly to Dallas. We told them what we were offered on the first call, but all of the sudden, this offer wasn’t available anymore. They gave us an ultimatum and did not emphathize with us in any way. Now we’re stuck with an earlier flight time, a two-stop ticket (instead of one-stop), no compensation for our inconvenience, and no insight on our seating situation. We’ll have to get to the airport and hope that there will be available seats for us to sit together. On top of that, we weren’t offered to be refunded for our canceled economy plus tickets. Complete shock of how awful Star Alliance is."

jean marc retrouvey says

"Have been a frequent flyer on Star Alliance for the past 10 years. My wife and I were star alliance gold. We paid extra fees for this privilege. I was booked for a first call trip on Qatar Air but elected stupidly to switch to Turkish to get the miles. Well TK never awarded the miles and we were left to dry. No one to help. I felt like a ping pong ball being tossed around by employees who could not care less. SO I will now book the most convenient and cheapest flights. Horrible service all along for very few perks."


"Star Alliance and especially Lufthansa is the main culprit responsible for the worldwide lose of budget airlines and changes from less restrictive ticket policies to more restrictive fares. For more read https://"

Tomaz says

"Awful customer service! I have booked a connecting flight (Copenhagen-Frankfurt-Ljubljana). Since the flight from Copenhagen was delayed,I had to spend the night in Frankfurt. That's OK,it happens sometimes.However,since I reached my destination more than 4 hours later,I was entitled to a compensation.I have contacted both SAS (operator of the first flight) and LOT (operator of the second flight) and they simply kept blaming each other,refusing to compensate me.I have finally gotten my compensation through airhelp.Overall bad experience"

Betina H. Schytte says

"Unnoble and unclear way of formulating their sentences. Very unpolite customer service. Not welcoming nor interested in (keeping) their customs. So goodbye Star Alliance!"


"We got a star alliance flight from Bangkok to phuket ( Planed by thai airways) . It was a bit late but the real problem was the plane so old that the Seat was so worn that the padding was non-existent and seemed to be sitting on an old wooden chair more over the seat was broken and could not be reclined."

John De Summer-Brason says

"You have good reason to worry over your baggage at Star Alliance! I gave them my trolley at CPH friday, and now 4 days later I have still not received it in Dar es Salaam. The Star Alliance-partner Swissport has yesterday explained, that my baggage has been localised in Nairobi, but I have still not seen it. The attitude of Swissport is far too relaxed, which provokers me to write this review..."

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